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Family Child Care

The Family Child Care (FCC) program is an integral part of the Child and Youth Services (CYS) childcare system available on Army garrisons.  FCC provides quality home-based care for children four-weeks to 12-years old and is offered in government owned and government leased housing located on-post.

FCC has unique qualities that make it a preferred choice for many families.  It offers flexible hours: full day, part day, extended/overnight, weekend, and hourly care in a comfortable home setting.  FCC also offers a 15% cost savings compared to Child Development Centers and School Age Care fees.

FCC Providers are vetted on only the best qualified candidates are recommended for certification.  Providers must complete background checks and regular home inspections as a part of certification.  They also receive paid ongoing training for professional development.

Army policy requires anyone providing care on a regular basis for more than 10 hours per week must be certified through Child and Youth Services as an FCC Provider.

Providing unauthorized childcare in government owned/leased housing puts you at risk of losing your housing privileges.  Unauthorized childcare by an uncertified person puts your child at risk.

For more information on how to register your children in the FCC Program, visit

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Why Choose FCC?

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Become a Family Child Care Provider

Are you interested in running your own childcare business? Are you creative, energetic, and do you love working with children?

Own your Own Business & Make a Difference by Providing Quality & Affordable Child Care 


  • Expedited background check clearance process
  • Paid training
  • Opportunities to increase your salary with training & education
  • Business that moves when you move
  • Stay at home with your children & earn a salary at the same time

A career in Family Child Care awaits you!

How can I become a certified Family Child Care Provider?

To become a certified FCC provider, you must complete a local background check; agree to have inspections conducted by the Fire, Safety and Preventive Medicine Offices; as well as attend a minimum of 38 hours of training.  The training includes child abuse identification and prevention, first aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training.

1.    Complete FCC Application (DA Form 5219).  Submit application to the local FCC office for processing.

2.    Family Interview-conducted in the home of the applicant.  All family members should be present for the interview.

3.    Background checks-Investigations are completed on the applicant, military sponsor, and children or any bono fide resident in the home 12 years of age and older.

4.    Orientation Training- Minimum one week.

5.    Home Inspections- Fire, Safety, Health and Sanitation proponents.

6.    Provisional Certification!  Open for Business!

Already a Family Child Care Provider?

Transferring your FCC business from one post to another is a snap!

Don’t stress over a PCS move! A few steps can get you set up as an FCC Provider at your next duty station.

Here’s what to do:

  • First, make sure your future garrison has an active FCC program. If it does, you may be able to transfer your business.
  • Submit an FCC Transfer Request to the losing garrison’s FCC director/administrator, who will review and send it on to HQ, IMCOM G9 CYS.
  • Receive initial email or phone contact from the gaining garrison’s FCC director/administrator less than 30 days after they receive your inbound transfer.
  • Continue to stay in touch until you arrive and are set up as an FCC provider.

Meanwhile, your gaining garrison’s FCC director/administrator submits a transfer work order ticket to the supporting CDE office. A background check administrator also coordinates with the losing garrison for your file, determines whether re-verification is needed, and issues an updated Background Verification Checklist to the gaining installation.

We want to make the transfer process as easy as possible for you. Because of that, we’re implementing this guidance across all IMCOM garrisons and spreading the news to all current and newly on-boarded FCC providers.

It's Okay to Be Neighborly

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Family Child Care Briefing

If you are interested in becoming in a Family Child Care (FCC) provider, please contact the FCC Office at +1 (907)353-7595.

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