Army Birthday Challenge

Note: This event has already passed.

Date: Jun 15 2020 - Jun 30 2020

Melaven Fitness Center - Santiago Avenue 3452 Fort Wainwright 99703 Google Map

Test your physical and mental fortitude in a friendly and fun comeptition. Top athletes and most entertaining videos will be posted and bragging rights earned! 

Perform and enter a successful one rep max of barbell squat, deumbbell bench press, and deadlift or a video completing as many push-ups, sit-ups, or squats as possible in 60 seconds. 

Upload the video/s to Instagram in one post including the categories that you are competing in as well as the respective weight lifted or reps achieved and use the hashtag #ArmyBirthdayChallenge and tag the WainwrightMWR page (@WainwrightMWR) in the post. 

*When uploading tag @Wainwright and use the hashtag #ArmyBirthdayChallenge!

One rep max: how much you can (safely without a spotter) lift
- Dumbbell Bench Press
- Barbell Deadlift 
- Barbell Squat 

One minute max: how many of the listed below you can do within a minute that can be done at home
- Squats
- Push-ups
- Sit-ups 

Last day to enter is June 19. 

*Due to social distancing rules, no spotters will be allowed so please lift with caution. Facecoverings apply to those within less than 6-feet socail distancing. 



Registration Info

Open to all DoD ID cardholders.

No sign-ups required but participants must have an Instagram account enter. 

When uploading tag @Wainwright and use the hashtag #ArmyBirthdayChallenge!