B.O.S.S. Next President Search

B.O.S.S. Next President Search


B.O.S.S. is looking for the next Installation B.O.S.S. President to take over in April 2018.

To be considered for the position the applicant must be a SPC(P) or higher, a DEROS after April 2019, and be B.O.S.S. Eligible. Anyone interested must submit a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) and ERB to the BOSS President NLT February 2, 2018. The MOI must contain a brief bio, list any experience with B.O.S.S., why the applicant wants to be the next B.O.S.S. President, what they plan to bring to the program, and a line acknowledging that the applicant understands they will be reassigned to USAG FWA. The applicant of their 1SG must sign the MOI.

Applicant can contact the B.O.S.S. office if they have any questions about the position.